Hot Sheets

Some recent comments on a recent post have led me to believe that perhaps it’s time for me to crack open the window and give you a peek into our marriage for just a sec.

Early in our marriage I learned very quickly that Ryan is very particular about many things. “Atmosphere” at restaurants, hotels, our home…and especially the bedroom is one of those things. There are certain conditions that must be in place for Ryan to sleep soundly and happily…and one of those conditions is crisp cold sheets. I discovered this in two ways:

  1. During med school when Ryan was staying up late to study for the board exams I would head to bed early to get some reading in before Ryan came to bed. The lamp was on his side of the bed, so of course, I just layed there are read for an hour or so. Ryan got into bed and was immediately aware of the fact that his side of the bed was warm (which it was) as if someone had been laying on it (which I had). Ryan went back out to study for another hour and nicely asked me to not warm up his side of the bed anymore.
  2. On another occasion, I was startled awake in the middle of the night by the sound of Ryan ramming and thrashing around, tugging at the sheets, throwing blankets on the floor, opening windows, closing vents, etc. You see, the sheets were too warm and Ryan was so uncomfortable that we literally got out of bed and changed the sheets so he could get back to sleep.
Marriage is hilarious. Ryan is hilarious. I love him.
Why the picture of the leaf blower, you ask? Well, because Ryan is really particular, which makes him really good at tasks like that!

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