Martin Sexton

Last night Ryan and I met up with our dear friends Sandy and Greg for dinner and a concert in Ann Arbor. I lived with Sandy in college – and we always have the best time together, so I had been looking forward to it for MONTHS! We met them at the Prickly Pear, a southwest grill type of place. Ryan ordered the best swordfish fajitas of his life, and he savored every bite. We ran into Tom and Marlene Schraw (Joel’s mom and dad) who happened to be sitting in the booth next to ours at the Prickly Pear and happened to be on their way to the Martin Sexton concert. Hilarious! We see them everywhere and Ryan always says “Is that Tom Schraw?” in a funny voice, and then it always IS Tom Schraw. We stood in line in the snow for awhile…then threw some elbows to get some great seats a couple rows back from the stage. Somehow we later discovered that those seats were reserved for the Murphy family, who showed up after the opening act had already begun. So we had to move…but the Murphy’s also happened to have 4 reserved seats in row D, which were even better than the seats we had to move out of, so we were pretty happy. The Ark is an awesome place to watch a concert! It’s a small venue and last night the crowd was really participating a lot, even Sandy shouted out her song request. Some guy behind us was dressed as a wizard, which was odd, and another guy barked like a dog a couple of times…which was also odd. We laughed a lot – The only things on stage were Martin Sexton, his guitar and two different microphones – one normal mic and one echoey one that did some cool reverb stuff.

Martin Sexton is seriously amazing. He has a voice that can do anything! In addition to being an incredible song writer, he has incredible range and variety in what his voice can do. One second he is belting it out at the top of his lungs and the next he is really quiet and clear. It’s amazing! If you’ve never heard him, download him on iTunes, if you’ve heard him but have never seen him, go to a concert. Seeing him live was awesome!


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