On Nauseousness

Here is a quick list of some things that have made me nauseous/sick in the last few months:

  • while driving, if I looked in the rear view mirror then back at the road it was not good
  • scrolling my computer screen too fast
  • being vertical for any amount of time
  • smelling anything
  • eating anything other than cheerios, pickles or cottage cheese
  • rolling over in my sleep
  • taking a shower
  • walking around

I think I’m getting a little better now…day by day. This tiny fetus is wearing me out! Ryan has been so patient with my sleeping/napping/being horizontal schedule lately. I just keep believing that one of these mornings I’ll wake up feeling AWESOME, full of ENERGY and ready to have a lot of fun! Yahoo! Until then, I’ll be here…on the couch.


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