We’re Moving!!

Not too far, just about 10 minutes from where we live now. Our little apartment downtown has served us well for the last year and a half…but with a baby on the way it’s time to find a place that has room for a crib! Those of you who have seen our apartment will understand. Those of you who haven’t will be saying “oh, babies don’t take up that much space” but you haven’t seen our little apartment.

We have 2.5 more years here in Grand Rapids, which was not quite enough time for us to feel comfortable buying something (Michigan’s economy isn’t doing too hot, in case you haven’t watched the news lately) so we’re staying on the renting band wagon for a few more years.

We did, however, find an ADORABLE little three bedroom house to rent in a great part of town where the laughter of children and conversations of friendly people who want to be my friend fill the air (there is a small possibility that I have built it up in my head a tiny bit.) This is a picture of the front door you will come in when you visit!

For the first time in our married life Ryan and I will have:

  • a garage to park one car in
  • a little yard to care for (currently looking for lawn mowers on Craig’s List)
  • a room with actual carpet on the floor
  • windows that keep out the snow when they’re closed
  • a basement where we can store stuff!

It’s absolutely incredible and we’re so excited! Last weekend Mom and Dad brought Granny and Papaw up to see the house. Here’s a picture of my mom and I standing on some carpet!

Granny, Papaw, Mom and Dad were kind enough to help clean and measure windows and walls – then last night John and Angela came up to paint!

My family is too kind. I ordered them a pizza to celebrate.


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