BUNNS of steel

Ryan decided to become a coffee drinker in May 2007 on the first day of our Smokey Mountain Vacation. It didn’t matter that we didn’t have any coffee or filters…all that mattered was the fact that there was a tiny coffee maker in our cabin and a roll of paper towel that he could use as a filter.

When Ryan decides to do something, he sticks with it, and has had at least one cup of coffee every single day since. For his birthday at the end of December I got him the Bunn coffee maker that he had been dreaming about, but it was out of stock so we had to wait a few extra weeks.

Make your cup of java positively perfect every time with this versatile Bunn® 10-cup coffee maker. The hot water reservoir keeps water hot and ready to brew while the patented spray head design brews exceptional coffee with every pot. An internal thermostat keeps water in the stainless steel tank at the ideal brewing temperature. The unbreakable double-walled stainless steel carafe is vacuum insulated eliminating the need for a warming plate and keeping coffee hot without overheating. Other great features include close-and-brew lid, vacation switch and more.

It came in the mail on Friday and Ryan has been drinking a couple of pots a day since then.


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