on being a pack mule

It has been said that I am a pack mule. Ryan began noticing this about me early in our marriage when he saw me carrying all of the bags of groceries in a single trip up three flights of stairs to our apartment in Chicago.

I didn’t think this was strange at all. If I CAN carry it all at one time, why wouldn’t I? This trend has continued – but now I carry all the groceries from my car parked on the street into our first floor apartment in Grand Rapids.

Now that I’m pregnant I’m not supposed to be carrying anything heavy. I’m not sure HOW heavy is TOO heavy…but I have to stop myself from my pack mule tendencies.

My incredibly wonderful mom has been in town for the last couple of days to help me with some packing/pack muling stuff to the new apartment and it has become very clear that I inherited my pack mule tendencies from her.


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