My Listy

I love Google.
I love Gmail.
I especially love my iGoogle homepage!

It has a glorious Summer Ocean theme with beachy banner images that make me feel warm and sunny up here in Michigan. Its full of interesting gadgets like “E! News” National Geographic’s “Places to See” gallery, the weather, and my dad’s blog.

I just added the “My Listy” gadget a couple of days ago after seeing it on my friend Michelle’s iGoogle homepage. I’ve always been a bit of a list maker (I used to fill entire notebooks with lists of all the words I could think of that ended in the letters “ed” or “ly”…and I did this for fun, as a child…in my room…by myself.)

Pregnancy brain has accellarated my love of list making, and now, thanks to “My Listy” I’ve got it right here on my iGoogle homepage! Yippee!

I highly recommend it if you have the means.


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