Today I learned about Sugar Gliders

Ryan and I have been selling stuff on Craig’s List. One item that is currently for sale is a Smoothie Maker – still in the box! We got two blenders for our wedding, so it only makes sense that I sell one.

Today I got the following email: “do you still have the smoothie maker? i need it to blend food for my sugar glider would it work for that?”

Before emailing back I think to myself, “Sugar Glider? What is a Sugar Glider?” Thank you Google, for directing me to knowledge about this hilarious little buddy of a pet.

People LOVE Sugar Gliders! Apparently they are tiny marsupials native to Australia and Indonesia. They require a very specific natural food diet, require a lot of room to climb/move around, can be smelly, messy, noisy, have emotional issues and they bite…but other than that they make great little pets. You can learn a lot about Sugar Gliders on Gliderpedia.

I now feel informed enough to email this lady back to let her know that my blender will indeed be capable of blending food for her Sugar Glider.


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