One minor issue…

Yesterday Ryan and I found the most gloriously awesome, comfy, glidey, rockey chair for our nursery!

  • it’s lime green, which is awesome
  • it’s so comfy and squishy
  • it was the floor sample, and waaay on sale, so we bought it immediately, brought it home, got it through the front door and into the living room… where it sits right now.

One minor issue…

It won’t fit down our hallway and into the nursery! That’s right folks, the windows are too narrow, the door frames are too narrow, and yes, even the hallway is too narrow.

What do you think we should do?

  1. Leave it in the living room
  2. Attempt to return the “as-is floor sample” and try to find a smaller lime green comfy chair that happens to be on sale
  3. Saw it in half, take it to the nursery, duct tape it back together
  4. Other

If you choose “other” please leave me a comment with your suggestion.


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