Showered with Friends

Last weekend Bryan and Michelle and Aaron, Ashlee and Hannah came to our house for a visit. It was so so fun to have them here. The boys took a little 40 mile bike ride while the ladies came with me for some shopping at Nordstrom’s Rack and then to a baby shower Ryan’s mom threw me. It was so fun to see a bunch of my girlfriends from Hope and from Chicago and from Grand Rapids all in one room!

Bryan, Aaron and Ryan were quite the trio when we all lived on the same block in Chicago. They would all run and bike together pretty much every chance they got, so Saturday was a blast for them. You have to hear Aaron tell the story on his blog. Apparently at the 20 mile marker when they turned around and realized the wind had been at their back up to that point, they all got a little nervous about making it all the way back. Talk about pushing it to the limit! They couldn’t even make it home to eat – they had to stop at Yesterdog to refuel with some hot dog deliciousness before they reached certain death.
It was such a fun weekend – we love you guys and miss you so much!! Come visit again soon!

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