On Being Hugemongus…

I have a few items that I would like to invent on behalf of hugemongus pregnant women everywhere!

The first item that would come in handy is a cart/shelf with wheels on which to rest the underside of one’s belly while standing/walking/etc. I believe this simple tool would help alleviate back pain as well as solve the issue of “walking uncontrollably fast because of forward weight momentum” which seems to happen to me a lot when I have farther to walk than 10 steps or so, like in a parking lot. I’m basically sprinting by the time I get from my car to the store because I just keep walking faster and faster in an effort to keep my legs underneath me!

Another tool that would come in handy is similar to that thing the trash picker-upper guy uses at the food court at the mall…a gripper/reacher tool on the end of a long stick to pick things up off the floor without having to bend down to get them. Some people may think “hey, just use your feet to pick stuff up” to which I reply “how do you expect me to get my foot back up to a height that my hand can actually reach it?”

For example, yesterday at work I dropped my notebook on the ground by my chair. I thought about it for awhile before attempting to pick it up – then I thought “go go gadget arm” but nothing happened. Then I thought, “can I read it from here?” and decided to just leave it on the floor, referring to my notes on the ground as I finished the document I was writing. If I’d had one of those picker upper things, I would have used it right then!

…and that’s my story of how inconvenience (aka hugemongusness) can lead to wonderfully innovative ideas.


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