Nursery Time

I think the nursery is pretty much ready for a baby. Whew! Only 2 weeks to go and I think we’re set!

Did you know it can take more than 12 weeks to get a crib delivered once it’s ordered? Yep – it’s true! Last Friday our crib FINALLY arrived! I was getting a little worried that we’d have to put the baby in a drawer – not the end of the world, but not the best start to one’s life either.

Ryan and his dad worked like champs to get it built and last weekend we “nested” by getting the nursery pretty much in order. Cute eh?
Those red shelves were the ones Ryan had in his room when he was a baby. Ryan’s mom found this antique dresser for us in New York, got it all painted up and put some shiny new handles on it! So great! Don’t you love Johnnie’s awesome paint job?

I think we’re going to have a sunny, happy baby since it will be hanging out in such a bright sunshiny room all the time.


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