On being a crazy person…

I may or may not have become a bit of a crazy person in the last 6 days or so…

  • I might have spent a good amount of time this weekend scrubbing the bath tub better than its ever been scrubbed before
  • There is a chance that I have planned out our calendar (and the calendars of many of our friends) through next September
  • Ryan might have asked me to stop organizing the grocery cart while we were shopping at Meijer the other day
  • My newly serviced vacuum may already need the bag changed again
  • I’ve had about 4 pedicures in my entire life – one of which I got tonight hoping that it might induce labor – So far it hasn’t worked for me.
  • What’s next? How about a nice bottle of Mom Spit!

I’m kinda excited to get past this “preggo/crazy person” phase and into the “new mom/still sorta crazy” phase.


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