Visiting Granger

Ryan was on call on Sunday, so I took Ruby to Granger for a couple of days. My mom has the ultimate “grandma” set up at her house – thanks to a handful of her friends, mom has everything Ruby could possibly need, including a crib, bathtub, swing, and even some diapers and wipes at her house! Incredible!

Camp Adventure started on Monday and we got to see my dad for a few hours before he left for camp. This is Ruby and dad in the RV. I don’t know many senior pastors who spend two weeks every summer pouring into the middle school students in their church, but my dad always does. He loves it. He gets revived by it. He decided to follow Jesus when he was a 7th grade camper at Camp Adventure – so it’s a really special place.
Granger hosted the first SpringHill Day Camp this week as well! Mom and Ruby and I went on Monday to see the elementary kids having an awesome time. Granger’s campus was transformed into a 2nd grader’s dream land with a water slide, euro-bungee, climbing wall and a bunch of other games. There were dozens of really cool college-age counselors there to help. The auditorium had contraptions where kids were harnessed in and swinging from the ceiling. There was a lot of happy squealing going on. So fun!

Mom and I spent a lot of time out on the porch because Ruby loved it out there! The weather was gorgeous and Ruby loves looking at the contrast between the bright sky and the outline of the trees. I think she liked hearing the birds too.

We missed Ryan so much. Ruby gave him a big cheesy grin when he got home from work today. I wish I had my camera for it!

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