Things I’ve learned this month

Ruby is one month old today, which gives me a month of parenting under my belt. Here are a few recommendations for new moms during their first month with a newborn. The following has worked for me, but I offer no guarantees.

  • Get a spare key and hide it somewhere for when you lock yourself out of your house
  • Try to laugh at yourself because you’re gonna mess up
  • Clip a baby’s fingernails while you’re feeding them and they’re distracted
  • Buy some dry shampoo for yourself since it may be 2-3 days between proper showers
  • Read Babywise 4-5 times and follow accordingly… Feed/Wake/Sleep routine really works!
  • Invest in a great stroller and take lots of walks
  • Have fun with your spouse, go on a date, spend time just the two of you
  • Newborn onesies only fit for a few weeks – don’t buy a million of them
  • Take some naps, eat some food, don’t forget to drink lots of water!
In other news, Ruby weighs 10 pounds already! Check out her chubbiness! WOAH!

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