My Little Breath-Holder

Welcome to my most emotional state of motherhood to date… We just got home from the pediatrician’s office where Ruby got her first round of immunizations. I seriously was not prepared to cry more than she did!

She’s fine, and of course I am thrilled to know that she will be protected against all sorts of diseases, but it’s so hard to hear her cry from pain. I never knew what her pain cry sounded like until an hour ago. Apparently she is a “breath holder” when she’s hurt because she let out a huge scream then her beautiful little face got redder and redder while she didn’t inhale for what seemed like 9 or 10 long, drawn-out seconds, followed by another terrible series of wails. So sad.

She is happily sleeping right now and I still have some tears rolling down my face.

It’s been 2 hours now, I’m doing better – here’s how she’s doing…


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