Ada Bible Church

Today was a very special day. My mom and dad got to come to my church with me this morning… typically they are pretty busy on the weekends with the whole “Pastor of Granger Community Church” thing, so it was really awesome that this worked out! Dad had been training United Methodist Pastors earlier this week in Northern Michigan, so mom and dad stopped by GR on their way home today.

I took them with me to the 11am service at Ada Bible Church. I’d told dad before about how much Ryan and I love Jeff Manion, the pastor and how he is an outstanding teacher who makes us want to dig deeper into the Bible and learn all we can. Jeff’s sermon this morning did not disappoint! We’re in the middle of a 14 week series about the Travels of Paul. Jeff has really brought the book of Acts to life during the last 7 weeks and I’m excited for the next 7!
You can listen to pervious weekend messages HERE.

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