Aunts, Uncles and Hairs

We made a spontaneous decision to drive to to Granger for a quick trip on Saturday. Got to spend a few hours with Angela and John.
My little sister (who has awesome hair) is having a baby in March. Ang is a natural when it come to all things Ruby, so I’m sure she’ll be an absolutely incredible mom to their little one.

Speaking of Angela’s hair – she has always been the adventurous one when it comes to hair. I, on the other hand, got a nice haircut in 7th grade and stuck with it until today. Long layers. Sometimes I wear it in a ponytail. That’s it.
Ang is so good at changin’ it up – she does all sorts of lengths, colors, styles, accessories, and even managed to pull of bangs without a hitch. She is the type of person who you see and you say, “Oh, I should get some bangs to look cute like hers!” then you do it and it’s a major disaster. All of that is to say, I love her hair, because her hair is an outward expression of the beauty within her and she is carefree and fun and adventurous. She’s a stylist/cutter/colorist, so if you want great hair too you can make an appointment with her at Radius Salon.
Love you guys! So fun to see you! Can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

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