Hello Winter

  • Our house that we rent has a bit of an insulation problem. We have icicles that are already 5 feet long across the entire front of our house. If we owned this house we’d do something to fix the problem – instead we just sit here watching our money drip drip drip away.
  • My friends are in the “move” stage of life. I’d say over 50% of my Christmas Card list had friends with new addresses. Ryan and I are going to move again in a year and a half when he does Fellowship… then again three years after that!
  • I love ordering prints from MPIX.com. They do such an awesome job, the colors are always perfect and the orders come really quickly.
  • Someone should make envelope seals more flavorful… maybe cinnamon or honey flavored!
  • Ryan and I purchased stamps through the ATM this weekend, and let me tell ya, it was pretty awesome. Nice work United States Postal Service!
  • I love wrapping presents. Today I wrapped a bunch of them, with pretty ribbons and bows.
  • Ruby will be 6 months old on Thursday. THAT’S INSANE!! She’s such a person! We have her 6 month immunizations and check-up with Dr. Hofman on Friday. 6 MONTHS! THAT’S HALF OF A YEAR!!
  • Last night a bunch of friends got together for a Christmas Cookie exchange Ryan’s mom hosted. I made Grandma Beeson’s Gingerbread Feet cookies with icing toenail polish. I don’t know how they tasted, but they sure looked good!

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