OYSY Sushi!!

Ryan and I had a little date night tonight at a new sushi place in GR! We used to have incredible sushi at our favorite Sushi House in Chicago, but when we moved to Grand Rapids we couldn’t find anything that compared. Tonight we went to OYSY Steak and Sushi Buffet in Centerpointe Mall. It was probably the best sushi we’ve found in GR. They fuze Korean and Japanese flavors and use special home-made sauces for each roll. Their all-you-can-eat sushi bar is only $8.95.

I don’t think they realized how much sushi Ryan and I can put down. Eventually, they started bringing plates to our table for us to try. Everything was delicious! “OYSY” is Korean for “delicious”.

Pretty much every employee at OYSY came over to talk to us, about the food, about Ruby, about what we should order next time, about where they were from and where they got their training. They were so nice, and the food was great! We told them we’d tell all of our friends about their restaurant – so here I am, telling all my friends.
Check out OYSY sometime soon! Tell them Ryan, Amber and Ruby sent you.

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