Seven Months Old

This month it seems that Ruby is becoming quite the little personality.

  • She is so much more aware of her surroundings and loves to look back and forth with her whole head instead of using peripheral vision.
  • She is figuring out what things she thinks are fun to do and lets us know with loud screams, coughs, raspberries and squeals when she is not happy about something. She’s a hot mess when she’s not happy.
  • She recognizes her grandparents when she sees them and has been reaching out to anyone who might pick her up.
  • She is learning how to wave “bye bye” and “hi”
  • She loves green beans and carrots, thinks applesauce is terrible and can’t get a good grip on slippery banana slices or squishy avocado quite yet so she just smears those all over her face and tray.
  • We spend time each day playing with blocks, singing, dancing, looking out the window at the snow and reading books.
  • She’s taking 2 good naps (1.5-2 hours each) every day and is still doing well at night. I’m going to attempt to take her paci away this month… should be interesting.
  • One of her favorite things is the anticipation from the time she hears Ryan open the door to the moment she can actually see his face when he comes home from work. She gets so excited, sometimes I think she might spontaneously combust!

The months are flying by! Pretty soon we’ll be celebrating her 1st birthday, then off to college she goes! Enjoy the video!


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