My Teenoddler

Ruby has been kinda rough on me for the lest few days – so I thought I’d share this video from last week, when she was happy to be alive, before she had thoughts and opinions about things.
This little video features Ruby’s Rubber Ducky. She has a lot to say about him. And uses a lot of diaphragm muscles for emphasis in her story. Enjoy!
So why all the trouble lately?
  • Maybe she’s having some “attachment” issues right now – if I’m not holding her she is probably screaming her head off.
  • Her new thing when she is sad/angry is to clasp her hands together, drop her head and sob. It’s really incredible, very dramatic and (I hate to admit) quite effective.
  • Or she might be teething. I stuck my finger in there and can’t feel anything, so I don’t really think this is why.
It’s funny, there are tons of books out there about babies, and tons more about toddlers… but what about the months in between? She’s not 1 yet, so not a toddler… but she’s much too aware and interactive to be a baby. She’s a teenoddler. Yes. Odder than a teenager, not quite a toddler! TEENODDLER!!

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