Our Old Stompin’ Grounds

Our great friends Bryan and Michelle are about to have a baby really soon – so we decided to spend the weekend with them in Chicago. They recently moved into our old apartment… which was so weird to be in again – but it looks beautiful, much more beautiful than when I was the decorator.
On the way there, Ryan spotted some Hells Angels (Indiana Chapter) and tailed them for 20 miles. He recently watched a show on the History Channel called “Gangland” about them and was really excited to see them on the highway. He kept asking me if I thought they were “going on a run” and I kept saying “definitely!”
We made it 1/2 way there before the air conditioning in the car fizzled out. And by “fizzled out” I mean white misty dew billowing out of the vents, followed by a loud rattling sound followed by silence. No fan, no cool air coming out… just sweltering sweaty hotness. We rolled down the windows and let Ruby experience all the smells and sounds of Gary.
Saturday night we went to a new restaurant in LaGrange that was actually quite delicious! If you’re in the area, check out Nicksons. It’s Regional American Cuisine. Ryan asked, “Which region?” and they said, “all of them.” I don’t really know what that means, but I know the food was delicious!

Ruby enjoyed her first tastes of gelato, loved splashing in the fountain and pretty much had a great time hanging out in the stroller.

Sunday we visited our old church in Oak Park and got to see some of our friends from our 2-by-2 couples bible study. Loved the time with our friends. Always thankful for a weekend away!

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