Please Keep Praying for Ava

Photo by Mark Beeson

I woke up this morning praying for Ava. As the weeks pass, her diagnosis remains grim – which is not an easy thought to deal with. Please keep my cousin Josh, his wife Lisa and their kids Noah (12) and Ava (5) in your prayers.

This was Josh’s blog last night:
August 1, 10:40 p.m. I just got in from the office and the final run through to make sure it is all ready for tomorrow. I am full of relief and excitement. 6 years ago, Dr. Joel D Hunter and I decided we would make this journey together. It has been in the planning and development stages for as long as I can remember. Hunter Vision becomes a reality tomorrow. Our first appointment is at 9:00. The day we dreamed about is here.

The way I dreamed about it is not here. That went out the window a month ago. Lisa and I have had a tough couple of days following the appointment with the Oncologist. The world they live in has, in their mind, given our daughter 18 months or less to live. We wrestle with this everyday. From hour to hour we feel great about what God will do then terrible about what He may choose. These moments of significant life milestones seem to magnify the thought of life without her. This wasn’t my plan. She is supposed to benefit from this business venture. She is supposed to not have to worry because I worked hard to make her life better. But, she is now fighting for her life. I don’t get it. Really, I don’t.

I am glad I can trust God. I don’t know how I would deal with this is I didn’t fully believe that He has her right in the palm of His hand. He loves her more that I do. I don’t know how that is possible.

Tonight I am having trouble living for today. The future of Hunter Vision has for so long been a part of all my thought and now it is here. It’s presence is pushing me to thoughts of the battle of and for our future. I go to bed tonight praying for Ava. I am also praying for me. I need strength and wisdom beyond anything I have. I need God to show up big.

I want hope. That’s what I pray for tonight. For Ava and for our family. It was a heavy day. In every way.
Josh has been giving regular updates on his blog if you’d like to continue praying more specifically. We aren’t giving up hope… and the only way that’s possible is through the Giver of Hope Himself.

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