Bryan and Michelle Visit

Our dear friends Bryan and Michelle came to visit this weekend. They brought their new baby Elliot for us to meet for the first time. He’s such a little buddy.

Bryan and Ryan went the the UofM game on Saturday. Here is Ryan, enjoying the pageantry and fanfare before the band entered the stadium.

Michelle and I spent Saturday catching up on everything in our lives, enjoying Chipotle for lunch, hanging out with the kiddos and giving ourselves pedicures while the babies napped. We even got some shopping in and thoroughly enjoyed parking in the “mothers with strollers” parking spots at Macy’s. It was awesome.

Sunday after church we went to brunch at Sundance Grill – delish! Michelle took this great pic of Bryan and Elliot with his awesome hat on.

Behold, my baby bump in the picture of Michelle and I below… pretty much I look 6 months pregnant already. It’s a bit horrifying that I am going to be the size of the house by the time this child is born.
We loved the time with our friends and loved meeting little Elliot. A great weekend, filled with great friends, food and laughter. Thanks for coming over guys!

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