"Sure hope we don’t come across any wild pumas!"

Ryan and I took a little hike through Wekiwa Springs State Park on Sunday.
It was a beautiful morning so we decided to hike the 5 mile loop out to Sand Lake.
Ryan was loving the foliage, so different from Michigan with all the palms and moss and pumas
….we didn’t see any pumas, but we were keeping our eyes peeled just in case.

This was my view. You can see that I rarely see my own feet these days.

Once we got to Sand lake we saw this sign:

“Alligators are common in this area. They can be dangerous and should not be approached, frightened or fed. Please give them the respect they deserve. Keep Your Distance!”

That was a picture of Ryan, trying to keep his distance as not to frighten any alligators.
Such a fun hike. I was POOPED by the end, but Ryan was so encouraging the whole time telling me what a trooper I am to hike 5 miles in 80 degree heat while 33 weeks pregnant. I like that he thinks I’m a trooper.

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