Our Week in Florida – Closing Remarks.

It’s been a few weeks since we got home from our week in Florida and we’ve had time to get back into the swing of things here. Ruby did so well being away from us for 8 days! Her grandparents are awesome. She spent 4 days with each set and had the time of her life… I’m not sure she even realized we were gone until we came home and picked her up! So thankful for the time Ryan and I had together before baby girl #2 is born.
In closing, here are a few more random pictures from our time with Aaron and Tracy. They were incredible and let us sleep in their house and eat all of their cereal all week (and let me tell ya, I eat A LOT of cereal!)
Here we are eating lunch at an awesome little place called Flavors Eatery in St. Augustine. It was seriously good food – we are going to have to eat there again sometime because it was such a memorable and enjoyable experience. Look how much Ryan loved his meal when it came. His face is so priceless.

Here’s Tracy, getting work done. She was finding all the info we needed for our day in St. Augustine – she is awesome.
And here’s Ry, smelling the pretty rose that was in the middle of our table.
When we were in St. Augustine we purchased these red trolley stickers that gave us unlimited access to the sight-seeing trolley. We could hop on or off at any trolley stops and covered a lot of ground in just a few hours.
Here we were on the sight-seeing trolley. It was so nice of everyone to pretend like they wanted to ride the trolley instead of walking around all day. I was one happy pregnant person enjoying the breezy ride as well as the wealth of information gained from our tour guide trolley driver guy.

Are you seeing these popsicles? These are specialty gourmet popsicles from a place called The Hyppo that were ridiculously delicious. I don’t even understand how delicious they were. You can order them and have them shipped to your house (or to my house if you’re so inclined… I like the Pink Grapefruit flavor) – learn more about that HERE.

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