Helping Hands and Haircuts

I’ve been incredibly blessed by all the people in my life who have given us meals, spoken words of encouragement, and lent extra pairs of hands while I’ve been working on figuring out how to be a mother of 2 under 2. I certainly have a lot to learn and am so thankful for help! Here are a couple more pictures from our time at my parents house.

Ruby and Clara got to hang out with their cousin Lydia a bunch. Ruby and Lydia are so funny together – they love each other.

Just hanging out under a pile of my daughters.

Ruby loves her Papa. She always asks him “Want me to hold you?” and he teaches her about the animals at his house. During this trip she saw a mama Robin feeding her 3 babies, turkeys, worms, deer, a cat, a dog, raccoons and a lot of birds.

This is Ruby’s hair most mornings… I know Uncle Aaron really appreciates the crazy hair pics.

And finally, here is a quick video of Angela giving Ruby her 1st haircut.


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