87% Prepared for Monday’s Move

In recent days I have become a master at ripping packing tape. Between feeding Clara every time I turn around and chasing Ruby around, we’re about 87% finished packing our house and preparing for our move to Columbus in 6 days.

I just re-read my blog about our move from Chicago to Grand Rapids, as well as our move from downtown GR to Alger Heights before Ruby was born, so I am feeling motivated that we can do it again. WHEW!

This morning I ate my cereal out of a red Solo cup. Somehow I neglected to leave a cereal bowl out for myself while we were packing the kitchen despite the fact that cereal is my main food group.

We had a break from packing on Sunday night so we took a little pontoon ride on Reed’s Lake with Ryan’s parents. Chris took this picture of Ruby as the sun was setting.

Things I’m thinking about:

  • What needs to go in our van instead of the moving van.
  • Why doesn’t the U-Haul store sell packing tape in bulk? Most people who are moving need more than one roll.
  • I want to be able to focus more on being a wife and a mom and less on moving.
  • Need to find a church, a MOPS group and immediately get involved in some play groups to meet new friends once we get there.
  • Unpacking our boxes and finding a place for everything. I need to restore order to our life ASAP!
  • Getting Clara’s crib and nursery set up so I can stop using our living room couch as her changing table in the middle of the night.
  • Figuring out how to have the girls bedrooms on the 2nd floor and ours on the 1st… running stairs will be part of my fitness regimen.
  • Adjusting to Ryan’s new work schedule.
  • Spicy Tuna Sushi (I am usually thinking about this)

On that note, I’d better start thinking about feeding Clara again and getting dinner ready. Ruby is knocking on the door from inside her room to let me know that she is awake from her nap and Ryan should be home from work pretty soon.

More later!


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