El Jefe

Friday was Ryan’s last day as Chief Resident. I can’t believe how fast these years of Residency have flown by. When we first got married and Ryan was about to start his 2nd year of med school, the completion of residency seemed a million years away – but now, we’re on our way to Columbus for Fellowship
    …in a minivan
    …with 2 kids in the back.

The graduation dinner was a blast. Ryan and his co-chief Ajay presented “most likely to…” awards to all of the graduates. The graduates surprised Ryan and Ajay with a “Chief Roast” that included many funny things about both of them.

Ajay (co-chief), Alicia (program coordinator), Ryan (handsome prince) and Hilary (program coordinator)

These pictures of the guys with Jeri (she’s the Program Director) make me happy. They had a great year working together.

I couldn’t be more proud of my hubby. He’s such a great man.


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