We Live in Columbus!

We’re all moved into our new place in Columbus!

While Ryan, Clara and I drove down to unpack and organize, Ruby hung out with her Nana and Papa all week in Grand Rapids having fun and spending time at the Children’s Museum. We missed her constant commentary about everything that is and is not going on – but it would have been a lot harder to get everything done with a 2-year old underfoot.

For three days and three nights we worked non-stop to get our house as much in order as was humanly possible. Clara was pretty good about 1/4th of the time – the rest of the time she was a typical 6-week old, angry tyrannosaurus rex.

Ryan is an unpacking fool! He was like a machine accomplishing task after task until late last night when we called it “good”, put Clara in the car and drove up to Cox Cottage to meet up with Ruby and Ryan’s parents for a relaxing weekend of fun and sun before Ryan starts his fellowship. Here are Ruby and Clara’s rooms so far:

Here’s Ryan, leaving for his first job at Nationwide Children’s Hospital – a meeting with the HR dept to get his ID badge. Very exciting.

I can’t believe we’re all moved in. It’s doesn’t seem real yet. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers for us during this transition. We are doing great and we’re all excited  to embark on our new adventure.


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