Clara Update

Clara is 8 weeks old already. She is a button. Cutie cutie button. She spends quite a lot of time being fussy during the day, but sleeps like a champ at night. Right now I feed her a late-night feeding around 11:00pm and she sleeps until 6 or 7am! Ah-maze-ing! Pretty soon she’ll be on a 4-hour feeding schedule instead of 3, which I’m really looking forward to.

She is so much like Ruby but so different at the same time. Her hair is darker and I think it might be curly. Her little face when she is sleeping looks just like Ruby’s did, but when she is awake her expressions are all her own. She has been cooing and blowing bubbles for   a couple of weeks now. I love seeing her getting chubbier and more interactive everyday.

Speaking of expressions…

Tuesday she has her 2-month appointment with our new pediatrician, so I’ll know more facts about weight and percentiles and whatnot, but for now, here are some things I know about her.

  • One of my favorite things about her is her ability to cope with her big sister. Ruby lays on her, constantly smells her and announces to everyone around, “She smells like lotion” or “she smells good!”
  • She always sneezes twice.
  • She does not like to be in her car seat, which is a bit of an issue since we spent somewhere between 30-40 hours in the car from the day we moved until now.
  • she loves having her face covered with a blankie, especially when she is napping.
  • she is the happiest when she has a ceiling fan to stare at.

We had a rough start since we packed up our house and moved here right after she was born, but now that we’ve got some routine in our life and my stress level is SIGNIFICANTLY lower in general, she’s doing great. I love her more than I can explain.

This video documents her first month of life, so I am a little behind. I’ll catch up one post at a time.


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