Our New Town – Homedominiums

It’s always funny to move to a new place. There are so many things that are entertaining and different the first time you encounter them. Because of this, I will dedicate a series of posts to “Our New Town” starting with this one.

Our place where we are renting is really funny. All the houses look the same. When I go for a walk, I have trouble finding my way back to our house. Every street I look down looks the same. I decided to start parking the van outside to help me find my way home from the playground. Ruby likes to play “spot our van” with me. Sometimes she finds our way home for us, and I appreciate that about her.

For safety reasons, this is not a picture of our homedominium – but you get the idea.

I got my hair chopped off last week (just 5 inches) and the girl who cut it told me she calls these types of neighborhoods “homedominiums” which I think is really funny.


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