The Homestead Park

This morning I took the girls over to a park not far from our house. It’s called “The Homestead Park” and it has all sorts of age-appropriate play areas and it’s FREE!! There is a train station with an actual caboose to explore, a butterfly garden, a water area with a castle that has water cannons and hoses all over the place, a huge sandbox, a couple of playgrounds, a toddler area full of water tables that the kids can put rocks in. You get my Ruby girl some rocks and water and she is good to go for hours!

So today we checked out the sandbox area. She loved it.

“You hear that helicopter?”
She found a lot of rocks. she could not be more excited about rocks.

This was the weirdest swing I’ve ever seen. As Ruby was swinging and laughing she kept yelling, “This is a huge one!” over and over. So funny.

“This is a HUGE ONE!”

I could take Ruby to The Homestead Park everyday, but to a different play area and she would think it was a totally new adventure every time! Yes. I think that’s what I’ll do. Otherwise, she’ll just sit at home in her “Baby Dawn’s” stroller saying, “I can give you a ride!?!?” which, when translated from Ruby language means, “Mommy, can you give me a ride?”

“I can give you a ride?!?!?”

And here’s Clara girl, practicing her kangaroo hands while watching her monkey.


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