Our New Town – The Giant Eagle

It’s always funny to move to a new place. There are so many things that are entertaining and different the first time you encounter them. Because of this, I am dedicating a series of posts to “Our New Town.” This is the 2nd one.
We love the Giant Eagle (or as Ryan calls it, the “Massive Eagle/Really Huge Eagle”) grocery store at the end of our street. We didn’t have these in Michigan.
In the short time we have lived here, Ryan has learned the ins and outs of maximizing savings at the Giant Eagle. For every dollar spent, you earn points toward discounts on gallons of gas. Many people we have met have been getting completely free gas for years. Pretty much, in addition to groceries, if you buy gift cards from Giant Eagle for stores you’re planning to go to, you earn a lot of gas points. Eventually, once you need gas you can get up to 30 gallons of discounted gas in one shot… and since our cars only hold 18 gallons, we picked up a couple of 5-gallon tanks at Lowe’s to get our 30 gallons worth. Smart, eh?
Planning a shopping trip to Lowe’s this week? Why not stop by the Giant Eagle to pick up a Lowe’s gift card? Got an order on Amazon coming up? Pick up an Amazon gift card at the Giant Eagle next time you’re there. 
We waited until the van was running on fumes, then filled up the van and both gas cans.
As soon as we got home, Ryan fueled up the Mazda 
… ALSO FREE! Check out that $95 savings!
Yeah, we’re “those” people.

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