Friday at the Park

It’s been such fun spending a few days with my family this week. Ryan was on call Thursday thru Sunday night, so we figured this was a good time for me to make the drive back to Granger with the girls. They did great in the car for the long rides – but you should have seen the shenanigans when I had to stop for a bathroom break. WHEW! Let’s just say, a double stroller will not fit in the bathroom at Taco Bell… so “someone” had to pee with the door open while one baby was screaming and the other one was excitedly squealing about the possibility of getting to eat a quesadilla. We were a scene. It was awesome.

Luckily, I was motivated to continue on the journey when I thought about all the fun we would have once we arrived.

Ruby and Lydia had the time of their life. These two cousins are giggle boxes when they’re together. Here are some pictures from Friday night when Aunt Gela and Lydia met us at the park.


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