I’ll take a Morning with a side of Sand and Tacos Please

Yep – this morning was another morning spent at the Homestead Park. It’s becoming like our 2nd home since we go there a hundred times a month. Today Ruby and Tracy played in the sandbox. It’s Ohio’s version of a beach.

While Tracy played with Ruby at the park, I took Clara back to the pediatrician for a follow-up appointment to check out her dry skin. About a month ago her skin was so dry it was red and cracked and painful in her elbow pits (I know you know what elbow pits are!) and behind her knees and in her neck rolls – they diagnosed her with eczema. “Just to be sure” they suggested I stop eating dairy for a month to figure out if she has a milk allergy. I was a bit devastated because cheese is a major food group for me, and I love to drink gluttonous amounts of milk… but for the last month I’ve been dairy free. Today the doc told me it isn’t a milk allergy, so I came home and drank a few tall glasses of milk. DELISH!

As a special treat this afternoon, we bravely ventured to Taco Bell for lunch where Tracy took this picture of me and my girls with her phone.


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