Potty Training – Part 1

Tomorrow is our Potty Training day! It’s going to be crazy, but I am feeling prepared and based on recent conversations with Ruby, I know she is more than ready.

Conversation #1

Ruby: Mommy, this is uncomfortable. This is uncomfortable!

Me: What is uncomfortable?

Ruby: My diaper is uncomfortable!

Me: I know honey. You don’t have to wear diapers for much longer.

Conversation #2

Ruby: Mommy, I can go potty in the big girl potty!

Me: Not yet hunny. Mommy isn’t ready yet, but pretty soon you can go potty like a big girl.

The anticipation is building. Potty training is going to happen… up to this point, I simply haven’t had a couple of days in a row to just focus on potty training, but starting tomorrow I’ve cleared my calendar, stocked my shelves with incentives treats, and even set the standards a bit too high for myself by making a prize box filled with little individually wrapped baggies of toys/jewelry/stickers from the dollar store. 
So the book I read talks about taking a teddy bear through the steps the evening before the big day so your child knows what’s coming and can be the teddy bear’s “teacher” the next morning. After Ruby’s nap today we put some little undies on her bear and Ruby took her through the steps. In the end, Ruby got to give the bear and m&m for staying clean and dry… and of course, Ruby got an m&m for being such a good teacher.
The problem is, we have 2 more hours before bedtime and now she wants to potty train, but according to the book, tomorrow is the big day, not tonight. I’m sticking with the plan! I told her tomorrow is the day that we will potty train and since I said those words, the following statements have been flowing out of Ruby’s mouth as her tantrum grows bigger with each passing minute.
“Mommy to keep potty training the bear? Mommy to potty train the bear some more?”

When I told her we would potty train tomorrow and she can teach the bear how to potty she started saying crying, “The bear wants a treat! The bear wants a treat!”

A few minutes later she had transitioned to the truth begging, “I want a treat! I want a treat mommy!”

Then she removed her shorts and was working hard at taking her diaper off as she cried, “I want to be potty training!! I want to be potty training!!” followed by sincerely asking, “Can I potty train me? Can I potty train me?”

And another minute after that she was flailing around on the floor yelling over and over, “I want to potty train myself! I want to potty train myself! I WANT TO POTTY TRAIN MYSEEEEEELLLLLLLFFFFFFF!!!!!!”

Hmmm… I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes. Maybe by then she will have potty trained herself.


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