Potty Training – Part 2

I learned 2 things today.

  1. Ruby has the incredible ability to pee every 15 minutes all (the live-long) day!
  2. Potty Training might be the best workout I’ve done in a while! I’m EXHAUSTED!

For those of you who want me to get to the point and would rather not read the words “pee” or “potty” more than twice (cough… uncle matt, cough): Basically, her last accident was a 10:25 this morning and she told me when she had to go and went successfully in the potty for the rest of the day! Yaaay!

For those of you who want to know the details:
Here’s the first part of the potty training story. The morning started off rough. After changing her “last” diaper she excitedly put on her big girl undies and we began the potty training process.

photo from pottytraininghub.com

8:20 peed in her chair during breakfast (which was a bit if a wake-up call as I realized what the rest of the day/week/month might look like).
9:30 peed in the potty!
9:40 peed on the floor… yes, that was just 10 minutes after peeing in the potty.
10:00 peed on the couch (luckily I had her sitting on a towel!)
10:15 peed in the potty!
10:25 peed a tiny bit on the floor and asked me for some new undies.
10:30 peed in the potty.

At this point I realized we only had 2 more pairs of undies and I was going to have to do laundry during her nap to get her through the rest of the day! AHH!

10:45 peed in the potty
11:00 peed in the potty
11:15 peed in the potty

11:16 Clara’s diaper leaked onto the couch since I had been so busy with Ruby all morning I hadn’t changed poor Clara! I am a terrible mother.

11:25 peed in the potty
11:50 peed in the potty
12:05 peed in the potty
12:20 peed in the potty

When I put her down for her nap I put a pull-up on her and asked her to call me when she has to poop so she can do it in the potty. She said OK… then 5 minutes later she called me (with her lips squished under the crack of her bedroom door) to let me know that she pooped. grrrr.

So I cleaned her up, put a new pull-up on her and put her back down for her nap. 15 minutes later she called me (from under the crack under the door) again, so I put her on the potty again, and she did pee a little… but I don’t want her waking up from her nap to pee every 15 minutes, I just want her to give me some peace and either stay dry or pee in her pull-up during nap time.

She finally fell asleep which gave me time to wash a load of peed on laundry.

The rest of the day I couldn’t keep track of how many times we went, but she kept her undies dry by telling me she had to go (pretty much every 15 minutes) and now she is sleeping in her “special princess pull-ups” and I am going to go to bed immediately after posting this.

I’d welcome any advice on how to help her hold it longer between potty breaks. Here’s to completing day 1!

Hopefully tomorrow I won’t have to let Ruby flush our toilet 45 times.


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