Hanging out at the Cabin

Our home for the week was a cabin on the tippy top of a mountain. The view was amazing, but there was no internet and we were so high up none of our cell phones would work. We spent time together without technology. It was great.

Lydia did some reading. 
This picture of my dad reminds me so much of my Grandma Beeson. Maybe because her hair is white and her favorite color to wear is black.
Ruby and her pretty Aunt Tracy
Clara, the silent observer

Dad had his laptop so we could see the pictures we took at the end of each day. Ruby loves looking at Papa’s pictures.

The boys did a lot of grilling and built a chimney out of foil for the hickory smoked ribs.

Lydia and Ruby loved rocking in the chairs on the porch.

This might be my favorite picture from the entire trip. Ryan’s handsome face, Clara looking at Ruby with her post-nap hair… priceless!


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