Ripley’s Aquarium

It was rainy one day so we packed up the family and headed to Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg. This really was one of the best aquariums I’ve been to… I think it rivals Shedd in Chicago.

Ruby and Lydia looking and learning. They’re so cute.

Ruby went absolutely NUTS with joy while we were there. She was so excited to see all the fish, stingrays, penguins, starfish and especially the jellyfish. To give you an idea of how happy she was, she didn’t walk or run from place to place, she hopped! SHE LITERALLY JUMPED EVERYWHERE WE WENT THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE THERE!

I know it’s hard to believe, but my dad managed to draw a crowd while he was in the penguin tube with Ruby. He’s a born entertainer… and his granddaughter goes right along with it!

Right after touching this horseshoe crab, she wiped her slimy hand all over my face. It was awesome.

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