Harvest Fest @ the Homestead Park

Harvest Fest at the Homestead Park! Everything from Hayrides and Pumpkin Painting, to Pioneer Games and Pony rides. Basically, you wish you were there too.
Nothing like a pool full of corn kernels… pretty sure Ruby would have played in there all day.

Ruby encountered a lot of animals including snakes and turtles. She wasn’t the least bit afraid or intimidated and said things like, “Oh, he’s sniffing you!” to the lady holding the snake.

Next we took a hayride. Ruby held this hay in her hands exactly like this from the time we sat down until the ride was done.

 They hayride ended by the train car, which we had never explored before.

Checking out the rocks under the train
“Hey, there’s a bed in here!”
Inside the train car this nice volunteer man was teaching Ruby not to throw stuff at trains. After his talk he asked her if she would like a bag of chips or a zipper pull. Without hesitation she said, “the zipper pull!” 
Here she is with her new zipper pull… and her hilarious shirt I found for $2 at Old Navy.

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