Surprise 25 Year Celebration at Granger

Photos by Dustin Maust

For months and months my brother, sister and I have known that my parents were going to get the surprise of their lives, (even during our family vaca in the Smoky Mountains) we just had to keep it a secret! The team at Granger threw a huge bash last Thursday night to celebrate that my mom and dad planted Granger Community Church 25 years ago this year. If you weren’t there for the celebration, you can catch a glimpse of the shenanigans below.

Here we are – are all the kids and grandkids surprising mom and dad. They let me say a few things, so I started out by saying, “Heeeeeyyyyy Everybody…” which made my brother chuckle (you can see him in the background at 01:01:44. You also can watch Ruby on Aaron’s lap as she asks him again and again, “Is mommy going to sing?” ha!

25 Year Celebration from Granger Community Church on Vimeo.

You should have seen the scene at my sister’s house when all of us were in town and had to hide out all day Thursday so we wouldn’t accidentally run into mom or dad around town and ruin the surprise. I love my siblings. They’re the best.

My Dad and Mom were stunned, encouraged and celebrated by thousands on that evening. I’m thankful to have been a small part of the journey over the last 25 years.

Fear not, Earth! Be glad and celebrate! God has done great things. – Joel 2:21


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