What Else We’ve Been Up To

Collecting Fall Leaves at the Homestead Park

Dressing up as a Ballerina/Princess/Butterfly Girl and attending the Harvest Festival at our church with Ruby’s friends “Hulk Hogan” and “Paul Bunyan”

It was great until Ruby’s “Halloween Broke!” which is code for “Princess wand that mommy got at the “$1 spot” at Target broke in half”.

But then we got this disguise out of the prize box and that made everything better.

And today we went to the zoo and the Polar Bears were diving off the cliffs into the water and jumping up to rub against the glass right by the kids. So fun! I love our zoo so much!

Clara was with us at all of the above events… but showing you picture after picture of her in her infant carrier seat in the stroller would probably be less than interesting. I’ll post more pics of her soon! Poor 2nd child…


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