Thankful Turkey

Ruby and I made a special turkey for Ryan’s desk at work. Over the course of a couple of weeks I asked Ruby to tell me things she was thankful for about her daddy. I wrote the best ones, exactly as she said them, on the turkey feathers so Ryan would get a good laugh at work.

Here are some of the things Ruby is thankful for about her daddy:
  • Ruby is thankful for… “The scoop in Daddy’s coffee”
  • “I’m thankful for Daddy. What else are you thankful for?”
  • Ruby is thankful for… “Daddy going to the special special car wash.”
  • “I’m thankful that Daddy buys at the store at night.” 
  • “Are you thankful for Daddy used to sit in Baby Clara’s Bumbo when he was born?”
  • “I’m thankful for HE GRILLS!” (mommy is thankful for this one too!)
  • “I’m thankful for Daddy and Daddy… and Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” etc., etc., etc.,
  • Ruby is thankful for… “Did Daddy tickle you?”
Clara is thankful for her Daddy too… she just tells him by drooling all over his shirt.

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