Clara is 6 Months Old!

I seriously cannot even believe that my baby girl is already 6 months old. According to her half year checkup Tuesday she’s in the 25th percentile for weight (nearly 15lbs), 50th for height and 75th for head circumference. Ruby had similar stats at her 6-month appointment but weighed one pound more.

Her hair is staying dark but her eyes are staying blue – a beautiful trait I’d like to thank Ryan’s Grandma Cox for!
Clara loves grabbing a hold of Ruby whenever she’s within range. Ruby always talks to Clara about everything she’s doing and always says, “It’s okay baby Clara” if she’s crying. I love seeing their friendship develop.

A few other things Clara’s been doing:
  • Whenever she finds her feet, she has found the most amazingly entertaining things in the history of the world. I’d say her feet are her favorite toy at this point.
  • She LOVES eating food from a spoon. Peas, Squash, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes are her favorites so far, and she gets really excited and squeals whenever she sees me mixing a bowl of rice cereal. 
  • She rolls and scootches around by laying on her side then walking her feet in a circle.
  • She wants to be wherever all the action is and is very good at making it known if she isn’t.
  • She hums a lot. If she’s happy, she hums, while she’s eating she hums and sometimes even when she’s crying or complaining she’s got her mouth closed and she’s humming her complaints. Its cute and pitiful all at once.
  • She has been sleeping for 8-12 hours at night and eating every 4 during the day
  • She naps like a champ: 10-noon, 2-4 and a short one around 6:30 to get her through until bedtime.

I was looking back at the blog I wrote and the video I made when Ruby was 6 months old and I’m feeling all the same things. My arms have huge bruises from carrying Clara’s infant seat and Clara spent most of Tuesday afternoon taking the long nap that follows a barrage of immunizations.

Clara Dawn is a blessing. I’m so thankful I get to be her Mama.


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