Update from Kodiak

As of this afternoon my Dad is still stranded on Kodiak. The more days that pass, the more surreal this whole predicament becomes. Luckily his personality is beyond optimistic in general… this would push any normal person off the deep end. He seems to be keeping his spirits high, trusting that God is in control and encouraging the men he is stranded with. If I were stranded on Kodiak, it would be quite fun to be stranded there with him.
Here are the updates since my last post.

Tuesday Nov 15th evening email from Dad to Mom:

We’ve had a brief break in the storm. Of course, that doesn’t mean the airbase isn’t getting pounded. I’m sure they’ll fly if they can, and they won’t if they can’t. We have food. Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. And we’ve got deer in the mountains to kill and eat if necessary. No worries. I’m in the wilderness. I’ve got a gun. I’ve got the magic little “fire-starters” we found at the store and I’ve got my camera. How could my situation be any better?  🙂    (Only if you were here…. then THAT would be better.)

OK that’s it. Gotta run. I’m going to look out the window and see if a plane is coming.  Wahoo!  I’ll be home before you know it….and we’ll tell stories about the days we shared the “Storm of the Century in Alaska!” 

Tuesday Nov 15th late evening email from Dad to Mom:

The last few minutes of light are almost here. Unless the plane lands within the next hour, we’ll be here tonight. It’s gotten quite cold. About 20 degrees. The wind is blowing 40 mph so that makes the chill factor pretty chilly.  🙂  

You can tell them at SWAT that Kodiak is amazing. All the bears are not hibernating yet. That’s pretty cool. Once they’re den up for the winter they’re done here at the lower elevations. Some are still out…which is unusual since it is so very cold and the wind has blown with such ferocity for the last 3 weeks here. The Outfitters are surprised that we can still track the big boars…and they leave AMAZING tracks in the snow! What a great animal!  They’re incredible.

We got the boat back in the water today. After we got it bailed out, and rescued most of the gear that had floated away, the boat broke the mooring ropes, but we saw it when it happened so we were able to get in the surf and save the boat, thereby averting a small crisis. We pulled it out of the water. Today we put it back in. That doesn’t sound like a big deal unless you’re trying to do it in these weather conditions.  It’s pretty severe here.  All are fine. The boat is in the water and we’re fine.  Wahoo!

I’ve not taken too many pictures today. Everything is white, or some version thereof. Not much color…and the wind is so brutal that the it’s hard to keep snow off the lens. I’m still trying though. It’s great fun.

Steve and I are fine.

Wednesday Nov 16th morning email from my mom to my siblings and I:


Hey Kids,

Not much news from Dad.  I did get news that the snow and high winds shut everything down on Kodiak.  Dad said the snow was worse, and the winds at 56 mph.  Not the best news.  He says he is good, as of course, he would!!


I was reminded today that a decade ago without the internet I would not know if dad was dead or alive!!  I am sooooo thankful there is internet access, however remote!  When he and Steve were dropped in the arctic circle tundra a few years ago, I knew nothing. And there was no communication with anyone until the bush pilots picked them up. Was I a crazy letting him be so adventuresome???  At least we are communicating, and that helps so much.

Keep praying today. I believe in miracles! God is in control…even of the weather in Kodiak.  Safe travel is the next priority so he can get home soon!
Love you all, Mom


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