Winds of Change on Kodiak

Recent updates make it sound like he might actually be able to get a flight home sooner rather than later! Thanks for your continued prayers!
Here’s what he said:

Wednesday Nov 16th late night email from Dad to Mom:

We’ve got a shift in the wind. It’s blowing from the south right now. It hasn’t done that all week. The Outfitter says it hasn’t done that for nearly 4 weeks!  Maybe this is the first sign of some positive change in the weather. It’s possible that we can get out tomorrow. If not, it’s predicted that the snow will end and the winds calmed down by Friday.  We’ll be heading that way soon. 

Thursday Nov 17th morning email from Dad to Mom:

We’ve gotten packed and we’re ready to fly. If we’re high enough on the priority list they’ll probably pick us up today. We are READY! If we can’t get out I’ll let you know, otherwise I’ll call you from Kodiak City when we arrive there. Maybe today is the day! The winds have died down. The sun is bright and beautiful. It all looks “good” where we are. We’ve actually heard a couple of planes as they flew to rescue the hunters in dire straits. We’re fine. We’ll be fine until they get us and then we’ll head home. I love you so much! I can’t wait to see you again.


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