Choppity Chop Chop

Chopping down a Christmas Tree has become a bit of a tradition. Usually there is more snow… we moved to the South. This was last year, and the year before when Ruby was just a tiny lass no older than Clara is now.

This is our first Christmas in Ohio, so we have been on the hunt for a good place to chop down our tree. Ryan heard about Timbuk’s Farm from one of the docs he works with, so that’s what we went with. It was really nice.

The adventure began with a tractor/train car ride out to the farm. 
Little Chopper searching for the perfect tree.
My Clara Bear

Then we saw it! The 2nd cheapest tree we could find – only $29.99! All the other trees we saw were in the $55-75 range – which is a lot more than we were used to paying in MI! Needless to say, Ryan got to work sawing her down.

We’d never heard of the Canaan Fir brand before – but that’s what we went with. It has “soft” needles… which seems like a good thing to have with toddlers who are eye-level with the branches.
In closing, here’s Chris keeping an eye on the tree which had been tied with thin twine on the top of the van. A few minutes after this picture was taken we had to pull over on the side of the highway to tie her back on. WHEW! Talk about an exiting ride!

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