Tree Trouble

In retrospect, I’m thinking it may have been a bad idea to chop down the 2nd cheapest tree we could find.

You know you chopped down a bum Christmas tree when:

  • There are a thousand new pine needles on the carpet each morning
  • Your 2-year old has gathered bags full of needles for her “collection”
  • You can easily see most of the wall behind the tree (through the tree)
  • You’re afraid to string lights on it for fear that too many needles will fall off
  • Your tree is completely crooked at the bottom in the stand, but looks straight from the 1/2 way point and higher
  • Your ornaments hanging on the back of the tree are in plain view from the front of the tree
Here’s hoping our sad little tree makes it a couple more weeks.
Ruby’s pine needle “collection” has extended the life of my vacuum, which is nice.

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